Advantage of cast iron bar

No Gas Holes & Centerline Shrinkage
-In the production, the graphite die, unlike the cores and other tradition mold materials, does not release gases when submitted to the high temperatures of the molten iron. As to centerline shrinkage, the voids caused by the lack of molten iron in the cross section during the solidification. The continuous flow of homogeneous material through the casting machine makes this defect almost nonexistent.

No Slag Inclusion
-The concasting process first pours the molten iron into the feeding furnace. This allows the impurities, such as slag, to remain on the surface, where it is easily removed and remain far from the exit of the die on the base of the furnace.

Less Stock Removal
-The continuous casting process allows the bars in different shapes and dimensions. Those can be produced very close to the desired dimensions of the finished part. As cast is free from surface sand inclusion, parting lines, gating, and other feeding or venting inconsistencies found in other castings. This means smoother uninterrupted tool cut and less time to machine finished parts.

Superior Machinability
-The high percentage of graphite in structure works as a natural chip breaker and machining lubricant. It produces superior cutting speed and lower tool wear.

Elimination of Tooling Costs(Patterns and Core Boxes)
-because the bars can be produced in different sizes and shapes, it’s possible to select similar sizes to the final dimension of the component. This can often eliminate the high expense of producing casting tooling. Besides, it will greatly deduce the lead-time needed to obtain prototypes or production parts.

Surface Heat Treatments
-suitable to different types of heat and other surface treatments. These processes can further improve fatigue strength, wear and corrosion resistance.
Surface hardening in valve guides, hard chromium plating in glass molds, nitriding and shot peening in gears are examples of surface treatments.

10% Lighter in Weight than Steel
-lower weight consideration and dampening characteristics. As a result, concast iron bars performs better with reduced noise and vibration.

Less Scrap after Machining
-Sand casting defects have always been a constant struggle for any machinist. The problems come and go and seem always to be factored in the machining cost. Consistency is the name of the game in machining productivity. concast iron bars are free from these casting defects makes it the best machining performer.